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Life Changing Event!

by on Jul.30, 2009, under Asheron's Calls Chronicle

Flashback 1999

As with most games, after awhile no matter how good the game is at the time of its original release and with no new contents or game play, it will get boring and people move on to the next latest and greatest. This combined with the fact that during that time, PC hardware was making leaps and bounds and game developers were fast to take advantage of this in order to impress their followers with new eye candy.  Heavy Gear was no exception, by the summer of 1999, our original group of HG players went on to to experiment with various other multiplayer offerings including the excellent Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear.

Up to this point, although the games we played were multiplayer in nature, it was generally limited to a dozen or so players as once.  They also need to be connected to one of the player’s PC acting as the host to synchronize game play.  Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) was a new concept and we all looked forward to really seeing what it would be liked to have hundreds or even thousands of players that can interact with each other.

Theses next generation games promise a persistent environment where possessions, player abilities, and achievements can be maintained. This coupled with vast interactions with other players and huge playable area that included world map that one can run on seamlessly for days and not see the boundaries as oppose to a few limited landscape or scenario maps was an eye opener. Finally, an engaging lore and monthly content updates that can be influenced by actions that players take on the server was just too good to be true and solved all the shortcomings of all previous games.

Enter Asheron’s Call on that faithful day: November 2nd, 1999…..


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The Beginning…

by on Jun.11, 2009, under Asheron's Calls Chronicle

Flashback 1997

The game that I stumbled upon that started it all was Heavy Gear by Activision. Most people will at least have heard of the more well known Battletech and MechWarrior series. Prior to my discovery of Heavy Gear, I have played the many single player version of the MechWarrior PC games. But it soon got boring as the game scenarios were pretty much preplanned and scripted.


So one faithful evening, I decided to download a free beta trail of Heavy Gear II by Activision. And what an eye opener it was, I soon discovered there were actually a whole new level of social interactions that can be found over this exciting new gaming venue.  Gamers are no longer measuring their play skills against the speed of their CPUs but to each other. Enemies and comrades on the screen are no longer just bits inside a memory chip but a real human being at the other end complete with all the idiosyncracy of an individual.  This was just irresistible;  Finally, there’s a friend that’s worthy to die for and conversely a foe that you were happy to dispatch off without a second thought nor the consequence that would surely follow in real life.


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