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The Beginning…

by on Jun.11, 2009, under Asheron's Calls Chronicle

Flashback 1997

The game that I stumbled upon that started it all was Heavy Gear by Activision. Most people will at least have heard of the more well known Battletech and MechWarrior series. Prior to my discovery of Heavy Gear, I have played the many single player version of the MechWarrior PC games. But it soon got boring as the game scenarios were pretty much preplanned and scripted.


So one faithful evening, I decided to download a free beta trail of Heavy Gear II by Activision. And what an eye opener it was, I soon discovered there were actually a whole new level of social interactions that can be found over this exciting new gaming venue.  Gamers are no longer measuring their play skills against the speed of their CPUs but to each other. Enemies and comrades on the screen are no longer just bits inside a memory chip but a real human being at the other end complete with all the idiosyncracy of an individual.  This was just irresistible;  Finally, there’s a friend that’s worthy to die for and conversely a foe that you were happy to dispatch off without a second thought nor the consequence that would surely follow in real life.


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by on Jun.11, 2009, under Random Rants

Dealing with one of the annoyance of IE. To disable the display secure/nor secure warning message, follow these steps:

Tools menu => Internet Options.
Security tab => Custom Level.
Miscellaneous section => Display Mixed Content.
Enable it and you will never see that useless message again.

As most people don’t even know what that silly popup box means and simply click it to make it go away.  Hers’s a explanation of what it is:  This is a warning that web page viewed over a secure HTTPS connection contains any content that is not secure.  It could simply be a link to a banner and for most users totoally insignificant useless you are the rare user who feels this is actually an important warning.  Firefox by default actually has this option turned off.

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Hello world!

by on Jun.09, 2009, under Random Rants

Welcome to AC-Holic.

This is my first blog site, so bare with me as i learn the features of WordPress!   Real contents will be forthcoming.

As to the name AC-Holic:  AC is short for Asheron’s Call, one of the first MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that I started playing almost ten years ago and we all know what Holic means :)   In any case, this blog has nothing to do with a similar named medical condition.  One of the reasons why this blog exists is simply I wanted a record of the last ten years in reference to this fantasy we gamers immerse ourselves into.

Rex of Harvestgain
(My main ingame character on the Harvestgain server within the AC world)

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