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HeliLIghts Mini Build Plans

by on Aug.09, 2009, under Hobbies

Here are the HeliLights schematics, pcb layout and HeliLights Mini hex file for those who would like to build one for their models.  If you do, please drop me a note in the comments.  I would love to see a picture of the model that you incorporated this into.

HeliLights Mini Schematic

parts placementPCB Top

Build Notes:

  • The pcb layouts should be printed at 300 dpi to generate actual size patterns.
  • R4 = 3.3K for 2s Lipo battery, low battery warning is set at 6.35 volts.
  • Pin 2 of the 3 pin header (SV1)  is to be connected directly to + of the battery, it is NOT part of the servo plug that goes to the reciever.  Pin1 and 3 should be plugged into the reciever’s Gear/Aux channel.  1 being ground and 3 being signal.  Use a proportional channel if possible rather than just a switched channel as the various modes are accessed depending on the PWM of this channel.
  • The ATTiny85 must have its Reset fuse set. ie: RSTDISBL checked.  Clock is internal RC 8MHz.  No divide by 8 ie. CKDIV8 not set.
  • Since the reset line (pin 1) is needed for IO, once it is disabled in the fuse setting, no further in-circuit programming can be done.   So be careful to program the chip correctly, then set the RSTDISBL fuse. You only have one chance at this unless you have a way to erase the chip using high voltage program mode.

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8 Comments for this entry

  • Eric

    Hello there,
    Man that is awsome work you did there!!!
    It looks very very very nice!
    I’ve been looking to do quite the same but didn’t have a clue where to begin with. I had a bit of assembler courses back in college, but that’s quite far away…
    What I was wondering is, if you could mail me the asm-file (or what language did you use to program this?), as I would like to know what’s behind the HEX-file ;-)
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

  • rex

    Thanks for the compliments.

    Sorry to say that source codes are not available at this time. However, I would be glad to help if you have any specific problems in building one.


  • Peter

    this hex to program in one pic12f675??
    have you hex for this pic or other pic??

  • rex

    Hi Peter,
    no, the helilight design is based on the Atmel AVR processors. These processors are not interchangeable with the less powerful 12f675 pics.

  • Peter

    thank you, I go to try to make asm for my pic12f675.

  • Don Breivogel

    Rex: That is a really very good circuit. Would it be possible to procure a few pc boards from you? I would like to put them in all my copters and some planes. I have silk screened single sided boards previously but, not double sided. Captn Don

  • rex

    Sorry for the late reply, the pcb is single sided! the pics are just showing with and without the parts layout on top. (single sided and no jumpers or drilling required)

  • Mike

    Rex,does the TLV1117 have to be a spacific type such as positive fixed or adjustable?

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