Fresh and still hot off the press! Turningaway.net was registered in January 2007, and as you can tell by how bare the site is, it still has a lot of work needed to be done. Largely, the reason for its existence was a lingering feeling for webdesigning I have long since displaced since fadingdreams.net expired. Since then, between the limited design abilities of xanga and some graphical adventures with fellow soompiers, I have largely exited the designing world. However, I met some really talented individuals through Soompi, and have since, hopefully, improved.

Why turningaway.net? I've been asked this plenty of times. The truth is - there isn't much rationale behind it. I was looking for a name, and I happen to like emo ones, and turningaway came out strongest amongst the few I could think of. Besides, there's tons that we turn away from everyday, right? Haha *insert lame comment* /lameComment.

I am currently hosted by Start Logic, whom I'm greatly satisfied with so far. However, considering the one week I've been on here, I shall hold off on any strong recommendations at the time for fear of ruining someone else's domain experience.

On a final note, like I seem to mention everywhere, I have lost connection with a lot of my past designing friends in the FF community. If you once knew me, PLEASE send me an email (eve@turningaway.net)! I sincerely miss the days of climhazzard group blogging, social blogging on destined cry, all the amazing layouts on shrines, etc etc etc. =)

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