Welcome to Eve's personal domain. I used to own another domain filled with gaming/final fantasy sites, but it's been a while. The focus of this domain is yet to be found. But in the meantime, here's version 1, featuring cloud and sephiroth from ffvii: advent children. I realize FF7 layouts are overdone and out of date, but I haven't had a site to express my fandom with. So forgive me xD.

Just a note on navigation, it is located at the bottom right hand corner of this text box. You can always return to this home page by clicking on the cloud/sephy fight scene.

Excuse the temporary emptiness. It's been a while since I've designed websites!

-- Eve.

PS: If you knew fdNET (fadingdreams.net), let me know. I miss all my old online buddies ><;;

UPDATES: 01/27/07
- Domain uploaded!